DSP Sine Wave Online UPS

DSP Sine Wave Online UPS

    DSP Sine wave On-line UPS is widely used to provide the best of the protections to critical, costly and sensitive industrial equipments from the electrical disturbances that will otherwise jeopardize their operation or affect their performance

    Phenomena like mains-line failures, blackouts, high & low voltage fluctuations, lightning, electrostatic discharge and rapid overvoltage found in all environments which further harm to the hardware and cause loss of data. The inverter section derives its power from the mains, rectifies it and the back-up batteries are kept in a constantly charged state. As soon as the mains supply fails, the source of DC Power for the inverter section shifts to the Battery without any breaks whatsoever in the output. A number of industries prefer DSP Sine wave On-line UPS for' Pure' and 'Sure' power output for different industrials equipments and systems.

    Available in various technical specifications this product can also be customized in accordance with preferences laid by our patrons.

    Salient Features*

    • DSP Based double conversion topology with enhanced control over the voltage and frequency.
    • In-Built requisite safety & protections like Short circuit, over temp, Battery Low/High, etc. With comprehensive display.
    • Wide Input Voltage and frequency range.
    • Pure Sine Wave Output.
    • Generator Compatibility.
    • (Remote) Monitoring and Auto – Shutdown software.
    • Inbuilt Isolation Transformer.
    • Extremely Low Total Harmonics distortion (<3%)
    • Web, SNMP & GSM based monitoring (optional)
    • Cold Start.
    • LCD Display.


    • Major Power Back up source in corporate offices as well as call centres.
    • Banks & ATMs.
    • Defence & Para Military operations complex.
    • Life saving medical equipments and diagnostic labs.
    • Photography and colour labs.
    • Emergency Devices (Lights/Alarms)
    • Fire Devices.
    • Telecommunication Devices.
    • Industrial Applications.
    • Vital real time & process control equipment in industries.
    • Aviation and broadcasting.