Ceiling Fans are an integral part of every household. Conventional ceiling fans using single phase induction motors consume approximately about 80 watts of electricity. The goal of this paper is to provide a model of an energy efficient ceiling fan based on three phase BLDC motor that consumes only 30 watts for the same output Power Consumption.

    Special  Features

    • India’s most energy efficient fan
    • Power Consumption at full speed – 28 ±2 W
    • Operates  on Normal regulator. Remote control not required.
    • Reduces Power consumption up to 65%
    • Saving between Rs. 1000- 2000/year/fan
    • Runs smoothly (soft Start)
    • Voltage range of 70-280V
    • Runs 3 times longer on inverter than ordinary fans
    • Low heating of motor results in increased fan-life

    Better output performance (RPM and air delivery spread)