Battery Less Solar PCU

Battery Less Solar PCU

    Voltes always adopt new technologies for the need of tomorrow. We are introducing battery-less renewal energy PCU, this advanced system does not require batteries for converting solar power into utility power of 220V AC. It uses solar power (VDC) directly from solar panels to convert it to AC.

    This system is an ideal for a category of power consumers like educational institutions, offices, shops etc, which uses a major percent of their total power consumption during day time.

    This system has the advantages of ‘no battery’ over the conventional solar inverter system and ‘available solar power can be used’ over the grid tied inverter system.

    In the case of conventional Grid Tied Inverters which are working without batteries, we can’t use even the available solar power during power failure and its installation requires prior permission and approval from Electricity Board as well.

    Moreover, as this system will not inject power to the grid, it can be installed without any permission from the authorities.

    This system is available with different power capacities ranging from 1to 10Kva.

    Salient Features:

    • No need of approval or permission from authorities.
    • No need of battery.
    • When solar energy is sufficient then total output load will operate on Solar through inverter.
    • When solar energy is weak then Inverter O/P will shift to Grid.
    • When solar energy is absent then the entire load is working on grid.
    • It will work on Solar as well as grid.
    • Priority – First preference solar and second preference grid (Automatic)
    • Full utilization of solar power.
    • Pure sine wave output.
    • It will not support the backup power.
    • Work with solar power, the best way to save money using natural resource.
    • Pollution free type.
    • Protection from lightening,
    • Over Load Protection.
    • Independent Digital display inverter input and out put voltage, load, etc.
    • Audio and Visual Indicators.
    • Can connect to the existing wiring.